What's the cost of setting up a palm oil extraction plant in India?

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As a populous country, India ranks second in the world in terms of palm oil usage, and most of it is imported from Malaysia and Indonesia. Faced with such a large market gap, more and more Indian entrepreneurs have discovered this business opportunity. And began to enter the palm oil production industry. The cost of setting up a palm oil extraction plant in India is affected by many factors. Depending on its size, the approximate cost range is $5000,0-5,000,000.

setting up a palm oil extraction plant.jpgThe cost of setting up a palm oil extraction plant

1. So What preparations are needed to set up a palm oil extraction plant in India?

(1)Raw materials, factory location selection and product market inspection

You need to know how much raw material needs to be processed every day, whether the raw material is palm fruit or crude oil, whether the product is sold to a refinery, a packaging factory, or whether it is produced and packaged by oneself and sold directly to supermarkets, etc.

(2)Palm oil extraction plant equipment selection and factory construction

Do you only need pressing equipment, or do you need a complete set of pressing-refining-packaging equipment? How much processing capacity is required and what kind of process equipment is needed? Where to build the factory, whether it is close to water sources, how much area is needed, and how to lay out the factory.

Palm oil extraction equipment.jpgPalm oil extraction equipment

(3)Production operations and product promotion

How long do you have to work every day, how to train skilled workers, how to promote and sell products, etc.

(4)Invest in palm oil extraction plant equipment

The most important thing to consider is how much money you plan to invest in purchasing the palm oil extraction plant equipment and when it will start production. This will affect your overall project plan.

2. What equipment is required to set up a palm oil extraction plant in India?

(1)Pre-processing and pressing of palm fruit bunches (to obtain crude palm oil)

Henan Glory Company can provided different palm oil extraction plant equipment types to meet different capacities. Our palm oil extraction equipment line including FFB reception, sterilizer, thresher, boiler, palm oil presser, clarification system, oil tanks, pipes and other accessories. All of our engineers who in charge of palm oil extraction plant equipment has many experience, and we provide Installation guidance and after-sales service.

Palm oil extraction plant equipment.jpgPalm oil extraction plant equipment

(2)Palm kernel recycling and pressing (to obtain palm kernel crude oil)

The mixture of the pressed kernel and fiber is separated by the fiber separation system, and the separated palm nut is cracked to obtain the kernel and shell mixture. After the separation column system and mud bath separation system, the separation rate of kernels and shells can reach 97-98%.

(3)Crude palm oil refining and fractionation (the refined oil can be consumed directly)

Our company produce 3 different types of palm oil refining machine: Batch palm oil refining equipment, semi-continuous palm oil refining equipment and continuous palm oil refining equipment. You can according to your own budget and processing capacity to choose the most suitable for your own palm oil refining equipment.

Palm oil refinery plant.jpgPalm oil refinery plant

(4)Palm refined oil fractionation (to obtain soft and hard fats for use in fried foods and chemical products)

Palm oil fractionation requires cooling the palm oil to about 24°C and maintaining it for a long time. The components with high melting points will crystallize and precipitate. After secondary filtration, the quality of liquid palm oil can reach the standard of high-end cooking oil.

(5)Refined oil packaging equipment (obtain products and sell them directly to the market)

If you want to know more about the above issues, please feel free to consult us. As a professional grease equipment research and production manufacturer, we can provide reasonable suggestions and customized palm oil extraction plant equipment according to customers' needs. If you want to set up a palm oil extraction plant in India, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with the most suitable solution.

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