500kg/h palm oil and palm kernel oil processing plant project in Ghana

Project / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date: 2022-03-26

Good news, a small palm oil and palm kernel oil processing plant project has been successfully installed in Ghana. This palm oil mill processing plant mainly includes 2 sets production line, one is 500kg/h palm oil press production line, the other is 500kg/h palm kernel oil press production line.

palm oil processing equipment Palm oil processing equipment and palm kernel oil processing equipment

This Ghanaian client has previously purchased cassava processing equipment from us, which has helped him make a profit since it was put into production, so he wants to start a new profitable project. In the later communication process, he learned that our company also produces palm oil and palm kernel oil production equipment, and there happens to be a large number of palm fruits in the Ghana local area, so he decided to buy palm oil and palm kernel oil processing equipment to start a new profitable business.

According to his needs, our project manager recommended a 1 ton/hour palm oil press production line and 500kg/h palm kernel oil press production line for him, but he felt that he was in the early stage of the palm oil processing project, this scale was a bit large, so our project manager re-recommended a new palm oil processing solution, that is this 500kg/h palm oil pressing production line, including 3 equipment: palm fruit thresher, palm oil press machine and palm oil filter machine. In addition, the palm kernel oil press production line has been reduced from the previous 5 single-machine equipment: palm kernel sheller, palm kernel crusher, palm kernel roaster, palm kernel oil press and palm kernel oil filter equipment to 2 essential equipment: palm kernel sheller and palm kernel oil press. Finally, the Ghanaian client passed this feasible solution. Based on the trust of the Henan Glory Company, the customer quickly completed the payment.

palm kernel oil processing equipmentSmall scale palm kernel oil processing equipment photo

Since the palm oil and palm kernel oil processing equipment purchased by the Ghanaian customer are all our hot-selling single-machine equipment, and the equipment has a trial run before the official delivery, and the delivery is also attached with the installation manual and operation instructions, so there is no need to send special engineers to guide the installation. For this Ghana small scale palm oil and palm kernel oil processing plant project, the installation was completed by Ghanaian customer's workers according to the operating instructions. Of course, during the installation process, our company also provided necessary installation guidance through online video guidance.

Ghana is one of our major markets, till now, Henan Glory Company has set up many palm oil processing mill plants and edible oil mill plants in Ghana. We have gained rich experience in setting up edible oil mill plants of different sizes. We can provide customized products and services according to your requirements. The services that we can supply includes equipment selection, production, transportation, installation and commissioning, operator training, and more. More importantly, there you can get the competitive price palm oil, palm kernel oil and cooking oil processing equipment to achieve setting up your own oil mill plant at lowest cost. You are very welcomed to contact us at any time for consulting edible oil mill plant projects information! We are looking forward to be your partner!

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