What are the different types of palm oil production equipment?

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Palm is one of the three major oils in the world. It is planted all over the world. Many small-scale plantations want to engage in palm oil pressing business. First of all, we need to know that according to different palm oil production capacities, the types of palm oil production equipment mainly include: palm oil stand-alone production equipment, simple palm oil production equipment line, complete set of palm oil production equipment.

palm oil production equipment.jpgDifferent types of palm oil production equipment

Type one: Stand-alone palm oil production equipment

If your capacity is small, we recommend you our company's 500kgph single screw palm oil press, this machine screws are pressed with 2Cr13 wear-resisting alloy steel and integrated casting process, and we have two power systems, diesel and electric, to meet the needs of different regions.

single screw palm oil press.jpg500kgph single screw palm oil press

Or your capacity reach more than 10tons per day, we recommend you our double screw palm oil press, our double screw oil press can process 1-2 tons of palm fruit per hour. The pumping station drives the two squeezing screws to rotate relative to each other, and the blades are engaged to release the oil, and the closer to the outlet, the smaller the gap between the blades, the greater the pressure, the lower the residual oil rate, and it is less likely to be clogged, more labor-saving.

Double screw palm oil press.jpgDouble screw palm oil press

Type two: Simple palm oil production equipment line

If you want to be more automated, we have a three-piece simple palm press set, which includes a 500kg palm oil press, a fruit thresher with a processing capacity of up to 2 tons per hour, and a filter to remove the impurity in your oil. Our three-piece palm press set is suitable for beginners in this industry, which will make your palm oil production more convenient. There are many customers have ordered this simple palm oil production line equipment from our company for home production or small palm oil workshop production.

Simple palm oil production equipment line.jpgSimple palm oil production equipment line

Type three: Complete set of palm oil production equipment above 5 tons

If your palm oil production capacity is relatively large, we also have a more automated large-scale palm oil production line with a processing capacity from 1 ton per hour to 100 tons per hour. This production line includes a raw material receiving section, sterilization section, fruit removal section, crushing section, pressing section, cleaning section, vacuum drying section, and oil storage tanks, etc. We have mature technology for this large-scale palm oil production equipment, and we have it in Nigeria, Cameroon, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire and other countries projects.

Complete set of palm oil production equipment.jpgComplete set of palm oil production equipment

We are Henan Doing Holdings Henan Glory Oil & Fats Engineering Co.,Ltd,which is belong to Doing Holding. We are mainly engaged in vegetable oil raw material pretreatment, pressing, refining, solvent extraction, dewaxing, palm oil and palm kernel oil pressing, refining and fractionation, etc. We are building our own branch and overseas warehouse in Nigeria. We will sell various types of palm oil production equipment in Nigeria in the future. The address of our branch is 19B Kudirat Abiola Way Olusosun Bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. If you are interested, please contact us.

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