What equipment is needed to build a palm oil processing plant in Nigeria?

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If you are planning to build a palm oil processing plant in Nigeria but don’t know what palm oil processing equipment you need. Henan Glory Company can give you some reference suggestions and provide you with some palm oil processing equipment. Different palm oil processing steps require different equipment. Let’s take the example of building a small palm oil processing plant in Nigeria. Henan Glory Company will introduce it to you.

Palm oil processing equipment.jpgPalm oil processing equipment

To build a palm oil processing plant in Nigeria mainly requires the following palm oil processing equipment:

1. Palm fruits sterilization equipment

In the sterilization section, we need use palm fruit sterilizer. Steam is injected into the sterilization tank to cook the palm fruit at high temperature for about 60 minutes. This section can avoid the increase in free fatty acid content in palm fruits and prevent the fruits from going rancid.

Palm fruits sterilization equipment.jpgPalm fruits sterilization equipment

2. Palm fruits threshing equipment

In this process, we need use palm fruit thresher. The purpose of the fruit threshing machine is to separate palm fruits from palm fruit bunches. The thresher mainly adopts drum type thresher. The separated palm fruit is sent to the pressing station.

Palm fruits threshing equipment.jpgPalm fruits threshing equipment

3. Crushing equipment

The purpose of the mashing station is to separate the palm core from the pulp and mash the pulp tissue. There is an oil collection tank behind the crushing tank of Glory Oil, which is designed to collect the oil after crushing the palm fruits to reduce the loss of palm oil during the production process.

Crushing equipment.jpgCrushing equipment

4. Palm oil pressing equipment

Large-scale palm oil processing production lines generally use double screw palm oil presses to extract oil. During the pressing process, the pressing screws of the double screw palm oil press squeeze each other to extract palm oil from the palm fruit. Our oil press is the most popular palm oil processing equipment. Our oil press is the most popular palm oil production equipment. Many customers who want to build a palm oil processing plant in Nigeria come to our factory to test the machine.

Double screw palm oil press.jpgDouble screw palm oil press

5. Palm oil clarification equipment

The pressed crude palm oil contains some impurities, which need to be removed through the oil clarification section. Using the latest technology, under the premise of ensuring the quality of oil, reduce the investment of equipment as far as possible, reduce oil loss. The whole process is highly automatic, environment-friendly.

Palm oil clarification equipment.jpgPalm oil clarification equipment

Our company is building its own edible oil equipment manufacturing factory and branch in Nigeria. After the factory is built, our palm oil processing equipment will be sold locally in Nigeria, and the price will be lower. If you plan to build a palm oil processing plant in Nigeria, you can purchase palm oil processing equipment from our overseas warehouse in Nigeria. We also have technical engineers locally. If you have any problems during the installation and subsequent use of the palm oil processing equipment, you can always ask our technical engineers in Nigeria to deal with it. The address of our factory in Nigeria is Plot 158B Close, 4th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

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